Faculty of Sport and Physical Education was established in 1974, as one of 14 faculties of the University of Novi Sad. Since then, the Faculty has been continuously developing its capacities in the field of education, science and research, and international cooperation, as well as promoting values of sport and healthy lifestyles for all ages, from early childhood to old age.

People are the core of our Faculty.

We are an educational and scientific institution where students and staff create a synergy, strongly orientated to achieving the highest possible standards in education and scientific development. It is our goal to enable each person to develop to their full potential. We believe in team work, creativity, structure, endurance and excellence. Our activities are aimed at creating modern BSc, MSc and PhD study programmes, that will be conducive to gaining knowledge and developing needed skills and, at the same time, promoting all aspects of ethical principles through sports, physical culture and respect of heritage, that we nourish in various ways at our Faculty, including our activities in humanitarian work.

Why us?

The members of our teaching staff are well established professionals and scientists, whose expertise has been recognized both nationally and internationally. Highly motivated and dedicated to creating an environment in which each student, that enrolls our Faculty, can thrive.

The infrastructural capacity of our Faculty is what sets us apart from similar institutions. The lectures and practice take place in two buildings, with modern classrooms, amphitheaters, equipped sports halls for individual and team sports, diagnostics centres, research labs, IT room, fitness centre, as well as outdoor facilities and courts. The Faculty is fully equiped for indoor and outdoor practical activities.

The Faculty is located within the campus of the University of Novi Sad, close to the student dormitories and restaurants. It is in close vicinity of river Danube and its sandy beaches, near the Petrovaradin Fortress. It has an easy access from any point in the city of Novi Sad. The city itself offers all the commodities a student can need. Filled with shops, restaurants, theaters, galleries, sports facilities, with its bustling atmosphere and multicultural environment and people that will show hospitality at every step, it is the city that will make you feel at home.

We also offer lifelong learning and development through numerous programmes and seminars, for all those who wish to further expand their professional knowledge and skills after graduation. Sports, exercise, fitness, healthy ageing and nutrition are just some of the topics in which we offer an innovative approach.

If you would like to join in, ask us how.


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