Doctoral studies

Duration: 3 years, 6 semesters
Number of ECTS: 180
Title: PhD in Physical Education and Sports
Study Program Manager: Prof. Dr. Sergej Ostojić

The PhD program is aimed at acquiring and strengthening the competences necessary for the scientific contribution of the existing practice in physical education and sport, with the aim of improving education, public health, sports culture and elite sport. The study program produces the staff for the needs of the teaching and scientific process in higher education institutions in the field of sports and physical education, which is of particular importance for the improvement of academic study of sports and physical education. Sport also offers opportunities for the individual’s self-realization, learning and development, and the acquisition of necessary social skills. At the same time, more broadly, sport can contribute to social mobility, integration, prevention of health risky behaviors of young people, and economic and political development of society. In this regard, doctoral studies provide a unique learning experience, with well-balanced compulsory and elective subjects and an emphasis on extensive independent research activities and teaching experiences in the context of a higher education institution. The purpose of the study program stems from the recognition of the importance and necessity of science in physical education and sport, where only highly competent scientists can contribute to overcoming the limitations of the still existing empirical voluntarism and the misconceptions about scientific principles and lawfulness when it comes to the theory and practice of physical education and sport.