Organizational Structure of The Faculty

Faculty Management

DeanNebojsa Maksimovic, PhD
Vice-Dean for Academic AffairsBorislav Obradovic, PhD
Vice-Dean for Research and International Cooperation Sergej Ostojic, PhD
Vice-Dean for FinancesMarko Stojanovic, PhD
Secretary of the FacultyLjiljana Jankovic
President of Faculty CouncilPatrik Drid, PhD
Student Vice-DeanBojan Raskovic
President of the Students’ ParliamentMilena Gavric
Director of Sports Centre FSPERadenko Matic, PhD

Organizational Units

Academic Activities
  • Departments
  • Centre for Lifelong Learning and Career Development
  • Centre for Scientific Research
  • Sports Centre FSPE
Administrative activities


  • Office of Legal, Personnel, Administrative Affairs and Public Procurement
  • Office of Finance and Accounting
  • Office of Academic and Undergraduate Studies Affairs
  • Office of Academic and Postgraduate Studies Affairs
  • International Relations, Projects and Public Relations Office
  • IT Office
  • Library
  • Security and Maintainance Office
Sports Museum

Faculty Departments

  1. Department of Sciences for Team Sports
    Head of the Department: Slavko Molnar, PhD
  2. Department of Sciences for Individual Sports
    Head of the Department: Ilona Mihajlovic, PhD
  3. Department of Physical and Health Education
    Head of the Department: Visnja Djordjic, PhD
  4. Department of Applied Sports Sciences
    Head of the Department: Goran Vasic, PhD 
  5. Department of Fundamental Sports Sciences
    Head of the Department: Zeljko Krneta, PhD