Dean’s Greeting

Dear students, colleagues and friends,

Nebojsa Maksimovic, PhD
Dean of the Faculty of Sport
and Physical Education
University of Novi Sad

It is my pleasure, as the Dean of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, to welcome you to the web site of our institution, together with all of our staff. On these pages you will find most of the necessary information about our work and our mission, the curricula and scientific research, details about the available study programmes, books and magazines, as well as information of all the potentials of our Faculty.

During the 45 years of our existence, we have gained a reputation as one of the leading higher education institutions at the University of Novi Sad, according to our results in education and scientific research. These are also our main objectives: a quality and versatile education of future professionals, internationally recognized scientific work, enhancement of the youth creativeness and a constant work on ensuring the quality and highest standards in modern education.

In the field of education, we strive to enable our students to receive the highest possible academic standards and knowledge in theory and practical skills, that are compliant with current trends and demands on a global workforce market.

Our Faculty conducts numerous scientific research activities and our work is published in the most prestigious scientific journals, which can be seen in our presence in the Academic Ranking of World Universities done by ShanghaiRanking. Faculty of Sport and Physical Education is a coordinator and a partner in several national and international projects, some of which are funded through ERASMUS+ and IPA Cross-Border Cooperation programme. We take pride in having established partnerships with esteemed universities across Europe and that our colleagues abroad recognize our quality and dedication. Concerning internationalization and inter-institutional cooperation, we take part in student, academic and administrative staff mobility programmes with a significant number of institutions around Europe. In this manner we are strategically developing a form of education that will enable tackling the challenges in the modern world.

Facing the ever increasing competition and a dynamic development in higher education in the country and around the region, our staff is united in a stance that a good quality education has no alternative. That is why we will insist on staying dedicated to gaining knowledge, experience and hard scientific evidence, because these are the elements that contribute to the development of a person, a society and the civilization as a whole. In the spirit of freedom and health, that are required for any form of progress , our joint goal, expressed by each and every staff member that stands before our students, is to focus on three key messages: transparency, progress, sinergy.

This is precisely the concept that instigates my own personal vision of the future development of the Faculty, that will encourage, not just the staff, but also students, to achieve their best results and business successes in the future, through inevitable changes, regular analysis and timely adjustments with the world standards.

If you decide to study at our Faculty, rest assured that through our curricula and the support and understanding from all of my dear colleagues , you will develop to your full potential.

With the view of making it possible for you to excell in your future profession, I give you my best sports regards on behalf of the Faculty of Sport and Physical Education University of Novi Sad.