Master of Science in Physical Education and Sports

Master of Science studies (MSc)
Duration: 1 year, 2 semesters
Number of ECTS: 60
Title: Master of Science in Physical Education and Sports
Study Program Manager: Sergej Ostojic, PhD

The unique and valuable contribution of physical education to learning in the balanced development of children and young people make it an integral and important part of the school curriculum. Good physical education is the basis for lifelong physical activity, which is an important feature of a healthy lifestyle. Support for the education of highly educated staff in the field of physical education and sport is in the function of quality of education and promotion of public health. Sport is also a sector of vital social interest, because in addition to the benefits to the individual – self-realization, learning and development, interpersonal skills, active and quality use of leisure time, etc., sport can contribute to the well-being and development of society as a whole. In order for sport to justify societal expectations and indeed be a means of social mobility and cohesion, a factor in preventing social pathology and health risky behaviors of young people, and a momentum for the economic and political development of society, it is necessary to strengthen the professional staffing potential in sport. Therefore, the purpose of the study program stems directly from the need of the society for highly educated personnel, that is enabled, during the second cycle of higher education (master), not only to apply scientific knowledge in practice, but also to contribute independently (though with limits) to scientific thought in physical education and sports.