Basic vocational studies

Duration: 3 years, 6 semesters
Number of ECTS: 180
Title: Manager in sports
Study Program Manager: Nebojsa Maksimovic, PhD

Basic Vocational Studies Program – Vocational Sports Manager enables students to apply the knowledge and skills required to be involved in the work processes of sports management.

The social justification for educating highly qualified professional staff for the needs of sports management stems from the current processes of professionalization of the management that affect sports organizations of all levels. Organizing and running sports organizations in accordance with the principles of business management becomes an inevitable standard, whether for profit or not-for-profit organizations. Transition societies are particularly sensitive to such reorganizations and therefore there is a growing need for highly educated sports managers, able to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in the immediate planning, organization, staffing, management and achievement of the goals of a sports organization. High social expectations of sport in terms of mass, results and economic profit can only be fulfilled if, at all levels of management, from the local sports club to national sports organizations, sports management tasks are realized by highly educated professionals. Knowledge of strategic and operational planning, organization and management of human resources, financial management and managerial economics, management of sports facilities and events, as well as marketing of sports organizations, are key competencies of highly educated experts in sports management.