Basic academic studies

Duration: 3 years, 6 semesters
Number of ECTS: 180
Title: Bachelor of Physical Education and Sports
Study Program Manager: Borislav Obradovic, PhD

Academic title – BSc of Physical Education and Sports – this study programme meets the needs of society for quality physical education teachers and sports educators, able to meet the many and complex demands placed on physical education and sports today. Sport can also be a context for an individual’s self-realization, for learning and development, for mastering social skills and competences. More broadly, sport can contribute to social cohesion, mobility and development, and the promotion of desirable social values ​​and behaviors. This well-balanced study program, which includes general academic subjects, theoretical, methodological, scientific and applied fields, enables students for quality professional-pedagogical work in the context of the educational system and sports. The purpose of the study program and its social justification stem from the strategic orientation of the society towards the development of education and sports as powerful levers of social development. Basic academic studies of sports and physical education are in the function of providing professional staff for the needs of physical education and sports (first cycle of education) and a necessary precondition for the development of scientific staff in this field (second and third cycle of education).